Frequently Asked Questions.


Disclaimer:  The views and rules presented below pertain ONLY to the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo.

We do NOT represent the Bujinkan community as a whole or the Bujinkan International Dojo.




What exactly do you teach at the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo?

The best way to see what it is that we teach is to come into the dojo and watch a class.

Also please see the “About” link in the left column of this site.


Does the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo train in any forms?  

The simple answer is no.  All of our training is done with another person. Again please visit the dojo and observe a class.


Does one have to train two to three times a week to learn this art?

Training two to three times a week is preferred, but in my opinion consistency is more important than number of

times a week. If your only able to train once a week or once every two weeks then that is better than 5 or 6 times a week and then disappearing for two months.




How does the ranking system work at the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo?

We use the traditional Japanese Kyu ranking system. Everyone starts as a beginner or white belt.

The first rank in our system is Kyu Kyu or 9th level green belt. From there it is a declining system.

                   Kyukyu - 9th level green belt

                   Hachikyu - 8th level green belt

                   Nanakyu - 7th level green belt

                   Rokkyu - 6th level green belt

                   Gokyu - 5th level brown belt

                   Yonkyu - 4th level brown belt

                    Sankyu - 3rd level brown belt

                    Nikyu - 2nd level brown belt

                    Ikkyu - 1st level brown belt

                    Shodan - 1st level black belt

                    Nidan - 2nd level black belt

                    Sandan - 3rd level black belt

                    Yondan - 4th level black belt

                    Godan - 5th level black belt


Godan and above ranks will only be given out by Soke (Grandmaster) Maasaki Hatsumi or his duly appointed representatives.


How long does it take to obtain rank at the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo?

Again let me be clear this is only for the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo this does not apply to the Bujinkan community as a whole.

The following are strictly estimates based on training at least once a week, preferably two to three times a week.

On average each rank takes about 4 to 6 months to obtain. Shodan (1st level black belt) takes about 4 years to obtain.

It is the policy of the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo that one should be training at least 10 years before taking the test for Godan (5th level black belt).


What do I need to learn for each rank?

Each rank has a collection of "Techniques" that you will need to be able to perform. You will be given an outline at the start of your training and then after each promotion.